From Giszowiec towards Siewierz – part two: Who Can Sleep?

To read part one of this section click here. Part two below.


It was already well after midnight when we reached Strzyżów. The Commander called a halt here, so the supply column personnel made themselves comfortable keeping out of sight under apple and pear trees in local gardens.

The kitchen was set up in a central place and the cooks set about preparing food. The medical officer cadet stood close by.

Who could think about sleeping?  With such emotions in the first days of war, perhaps the only ones who slept were the old soldiers for whom war wasn’t something new.

As soon as dawn broke, the locals started to stir. The landowner stood, looking on, open mouthed and with his trousers in his hand…and as for us, we were invited inside. His wife lit the stove, their daughter went to the barn and before long, eggs were prepared. The platoon leader responsible for materials and ammunition placed a bottle of vodka on the table. Glasses were found and downed immediately as a drink to the end of this war! It would be over quickly. We drowned our cares.

The farmer having downed three glasses, livened up and told us:

“Well this is what the Germans got up to yesterday. Such a huge plane flew past trying to mow down with a machine gun anyone who showed themselves, but fortunately it missed. One flew so low it nearly ripped off our roof.”

Whatever these devils were doing they were definitely looking for the centre of the army.

The commander sprawled on the bed asleep, the supply column sergeant having sampled the vodka, found us and then also fell asleep. In order to stay awake, I looked in on the cook.

Meanwhile the squadron hadn’t rested. Making use of the night they had advanced to the enemy line, observing their movements and accomplishing their assignment.


The commander ordered a coffee to be brought to him.


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