Many years ago my mother gave me my late father’s diaries, which he wrote during World War Two.

They were written in Polish – which neither I nor my mother spoke. I always hoped that one day I might be able to read a little of what he had written. Although progress has been slow I’m starting to learn more about my father and what happened to him before he came to the British Isles.

Now through Life in Translation it’s time to share my adventure into my father’s past.

On this blog you’ll be able to follow my translation process and some of Józef’s own story – click on The Project to read more about how I came to this point and on Diary Extracts to read about his journey from Poland through Hungary, France, and beyond.

Make sure you keep coming back to read the latest updates and click on “Follow A Life in Translation” from anywhere on the site if you want to sign up for notifications.

Jane Emms 02/02/2018

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