I’m still here!

I had hoped to post something more on the blog sooner than this, but I have been trying to improve some translating I did several years ago at the start of this project. I want to post a short extract about my father’s time at the army training school in 1938/1939. He describes a little of life there then goes on to express his disappointment at some of the actions he observes amongst some senior figures in the army in the run up to the war.

Looking back I realised that this section of the translation needed quite a bit of improvement. Most of the content is written fairly meticulously and in some detail. In this part however he seems to have written in quite an abbreviated way and I have had to apply a mixture of guesswork and editorial licence! (My thanks to Urszula for assistance and clarification with this section.) Also understanding Polish idioms which have a completely different meaning to similar sounding English idioms, has added to my difficulties (thank you Ewa, for your help here).

So I’m nearly there and hope to get the next post up very soon!

One thought on “I’m still here!

  1. You know Jane I can help any time – hoping that my tiny favor from time to time is useful 🙂 I feel really awarded. You do a wonderful thing! I’m looking forward to see the next post.

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